We fired Tony Montana and had the cast of Moulin Rouge finish our decorating

We’ve had a busy month and the shop has really come together. We’re looking at a couple more weeks to wrap things up. Recent additions include some fancy butt-rests and Chad the Golden Chicken-Dragon, all found by a stroke of luck for a steal at a thrift store. We put up curtains, some artwork, and a couple more mirrors. Got some rad signs from @old5anddimesignco, who is also making our big sign – can’t wait to see it! Our first batch of cards and stickers came and went before we could even get our doors open – more on the way! We’ve done a few tattoos on friends to test out the space and find out which supplies we neglected to order, heh. We can’t wait to start working!  We’ll be posting an opening date as we get closer to wrapping things up.