I saw the sign (and it opened up my eyes)

We’ve been open for about a month and a half now, and the shop is POPPIN’! We can’t express how thankful and happy we are that so many old and new faces have come through. As a new shop (though not new to the area), we fully expected to have too much time on our hands for the first few months, but that hasn’t been the case at all – so much so that we opted to come in on one of our days off this week to squeeze someone in. We love you all for enabling us to do what we love for a living.

We have a couple upcoming closings in June (you can always check for schedule changes under Hours):

We’ll be closed this Sunday, June 11th, because Pepco has to do some sort of maintenance on our block and we won’t have power most of the day. Brian’s not too upset, because now he can go to Subaru Boxerfest instead.

We will also be closed on Monday, June 19th. Brian is attending the Explorer Tattoo Conference at GW June 19-21, and Sarah’s not trying to juggle counter and tattooing by herself that Monday, so she’ll be day-drinking instead. Once we’ve been up and running for some time, we’d love to attend things like that as a shop, but we drew straws and Brian gets the ticket this time. It’s three days of nonstop seminars from some incredibly talented tattooers. If you’re a tattooer and interested in going, check out Explorer Tattoo Conference – last we checked there were still some tickets available. If you’re not a tattooer but love following great work, check out their website to see who the presenters are and follow them on ig. Never stop learning!

Danny dropped off some killer pieces for sale – you can check out his stuff in the shop and follow him at @everycankounts.  We went to see our friend HKS’s solo show at The Fridge last week. His art is super cool – you can check him out on ig @oneeightyone. We’ll have some of his art up in the shop soon if you’re interested in purchasing anything (provided we don’t try to buy all of it ourselves).

OUR SIGN IS DONE! It was well worth the wait, and we can’t thank Justin (@old5anddimesignco) enough! He’s shipping it out this week, and we cannot wait to see it in person. We love his hand-painted signs so much, we’re already trying to think up more projects for him.