So you can say you knew Sheila before she got famous

We got our big sign hung up! Thank you again to Justin @old5anddimesignco – we love it so much. And thank you to John for helping us hang it.

We had a small batch of shop shirts made with the bad taxidermy cat Sarah drew as a joke, because, why not? We like to take jokes too far. Everybody seems to like them though because we’ve only got 3 left. If you want one, let us know, we’re thinking about having more made. Also, Sheila made her first sticker! Come get one! Sheila also recently painted a killer portrait of our demon dog, Ruca. You should follow her @fork_spit so you can say you knew her before she got famous.

Our good friend Berto is guest spotting with us August 3rd through the 7th. If you’re interested in getting something done by him, you can set up an appointment through the shop, or directly with him. Check out his work @tokatattoos.

We went to see our friend @junctionxxi‘s show at The Fridge at the beginning of the month. We love his style and even walked out with a piece. Eric, creator of Oswald Doing Things (@odtcomics) and just all around awesome guy, stopped by the shop to give us some signed copies of his Oswald books, and to hang some art for sale. Follow him @ericepoteart and come check out his stuff in the shop.

We’ve added a shop merchandise and art for sale page to the website where you can check out some of the pieces we have for sale. If you see something you’re interested in, give us a call or come by!

We went to Richmond to visit our friends at Loose Screw and Two Pillars last month, and Brian got his Venom throat piece worked on by our amazing friend Gwooki. Check out his art @gwooki. Thank you to Charles at Two Pillars for the hospitality! Brian was mentioned in an article on Inked about reviving bad tattoos – you can check out the mention here: Ink Redux: Reviving Drop Dead Ugly Tattoos. If you’ve got an old tattoo that needs help, come see us! We’ll help you love it again. Or if you need an idea for a new tattoo, Brian and Sarah both have sketchbooks at the shop now with lots of great (and some just really weird) ideas. In more important news, Sarah got a Danny McBride tattoo, and actual Danny McBride commented on it.

Enjoy some other photos of us doing what we do best: tattooing and drinking (but never at the same time)!