“Don’t tell mom” season

The most important news of the month:


Congratulations to Mrs. & Mrs. Larson! The wedding was beautiful and we had a blast. Brian even got his hurr did for it. We love you both so much and are lucky to have you in our lives.

Such a busy month for us! Welcome back to all the college kiddos – I think we tattooed almost every single one of them last weekend. We love “don’t tell mom” season. To all the disappointed moms out there – good news! We are now offering tattoo removal! Thanks to @mindofiron for another great hand-painted sign.

LeDroit Park had a block party and invited us to set up a table, so we put out a tattoo table and arm rest and put temporary tattoos on everyone. Gotta get the kids started early! It was great to meet all of our neighbors and we thank the neighborhood for welcoming us. Thank you to Taylor Barden Golden for the mention in the September issue of Mid City DC Magazine. You can check out all of the photos from the block party on the LeDroit Park Civic Association page.

We thoroughly enjoyed having Berto guest spot for a week and are looking forward to the next time he comes through. Our only complaint is that he broke our no-infinity-symbols streak, but we forgive him and would be willing to have him back. Thank you to Alexis for being such a good sport when we made her reset the infinity-symbol-free count to zero herself. Berto made a beautiful custom piece for her and she was a pleasure to have in the shop.

We made another trip down to Loose Screw in Richmond to visit our friends Gwooki and Sabrina. Thank you to Jesse Smith for the hospitality, as always! Sabrina got started on a beautiful chest piece for Sarah, and then we all went and hung out at GWARbar. Gwooki and Sabrina are incredibly talented, genuine, fun people, and we are lucky to call them friends. If you haven’t seen their work yet, check them out at @sabrinaelliotte and @gwooki.

We went to see our friend Tim Freak‘s show at The Fridge, and couldn’t help but buy another painting. We are addicted to good art and can’t seem to get out of that place without claiming a piece. We also picked up the piece we got at Rei21’s show, and it looks great in the shop.

We got a chalkboard A-frame (and doggy water bowl!) for the sidewalk in front of the shop and decided that the current best use of one side of that board is dad jokes. We love catching people’s smiles when they stop to look at the answer. Here’s a sampling – follow us on instagram @ecstattoos for the answers!

We made a brief trip down to Florida to visit a friend and see how fast we could finish a keg.

There was a solar eclipse last month. We caught a glimpse of it in a lens flare and in all the little crescent-shaped shadows cast under the trees. We are still on the lookout for Audrey II…

Enjoy some other photos from around the shop, including Brian riding our penny farthing bike!