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The Shop

Electric Cat Scratch Tattoos is a small tattoo studio in Shaw, DC. We opened this studio with the intention of creating a comfortable, fun, and artistically free space for our clients and ourselves, with the wall space to help promote local artists. Our focus is on custom artwork, and we strive to learn and grow on a daily basis. We believe that every tattoo is the most important tattoo we’ve ever done, whether it has deep personal significance, is purely decorative, or you just lost a bet.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for info on appointments, walk ins, consultations, pricing, aftercare, etc., or give us a call during shop hours at 202-986-4239. You can also email us at ecstattoos@gmail.com.

Check out our News page for more about what we’re doing, specials, upcoming guest artists, art from local artists on our walls, convention trips, and whatever else comes up! Come by and say hi!

Follow the shop on ig @ecstattoos and fb @ecstattoos!

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Brian ♦ “A’yo Tattoo Man”

As a tattooer and artist I produce my best work when given some sense of creative freedom. In today’s tattoo industry I feel it is absolutely imperative to be well rounded in all tattooable styles. With that being said, I have a fairly stylized look to my custom work that leans towards a more illustrative concept with heavy saturation, bold solid line work, and dynamic flow. My artistic influences are heavily based around graffiti, comic books, cartoons, video games and older hot rod car builders, and they very clearly have a profound undertone in my work.

Over a decade of experience in the tattoo industry and a shit ton of general life situations I have been caught up in (which I’m sure you’ll hear stories), I am ready to offer back what I have learned in the form of Electric Cat Scratch Tattoos. What that consists of is a vast wealth of knowledge attained from many different artists within and outside of the tattoo community, and with said knowledge I plan to utilize and apply every fucking bit of it into each and every piece of art I am given the opportunity to produce.

Tattooing is my life, it has made me who I am and I owe everything to it. I’ll do everything I can to keep true to the industry, the clients, and the artists who support it. On the other hand, fuck around and find out…

See Brian’s portfolio at onestarfreda.com, follow him on ig @onestarfreda and fb @BrianFredaTattoos. You can contact Brian through the shop at ecstattoos@gmail.com, or directly at onestarfreda@gmail.com.


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Sarah ♦ Meat Suit Decorator

I started drawing as soon as I could pick up a crayon. My mom was my first art teacher – she taught art for free at my elementary school for years just so we had the opportunity to have an art education. Having my mom for a teacher meant I had constant access to any art supplies a kid could ever want to try. I discovered painting sometime during middle school and fell in love with it. My mom bought me my own set of paintbrushes, but I used to steal her nice brushes with the wooden handles, and then I’d get caught because I’d leave them soaking and forget to wash them, and the wooden handles would split. Ha. Sorry, Mom.

Art pretty much consumed my life from childhood into college, until sometime in my early twenties when I found myself dropping out of school for the 2nd or 3rd time as I tried and failed to justify the cost of getting an art degree with no clue what I was going to do with it. I dropped out a final time and spent the next few years sitting in various offices learning how good I was at being organized and counting money really fast.

In the summer of 2010, I was sorely missing being in a creative environment, so I got a part-time job working counter at a tattoo shop. I already liked tattoos, but getting a glimpse of the industry from the inside changed the way I thought of it. The artists there had a huge impact on me, and I fell in love with tattooing as an art and as a tradition. I met my mentor James Haun there and started learning to tattoo at the beginning of 2013. It quickly became my reason for being, and now I spend every day trying to live up to James’s standards and my own.

I want to thank everyone for their support as we made a go at opening a shop of our own. I never expected to be part owner of a shop this early on in my career, but sometimes circumstance and opportunity collide and you just have to jump off that cliff. I also want to thank everyone who supported me from the beginning. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family and friends. I owe you all more than I can ever repay you.

Let me draw on you!

See Sarah’s portfolio at tattoosbysarah.com, follow her on ig @tattoosbysarah and fb @TattoosBySarahF. You can contact Sarah through the shop at ecstattoos@gmail.com, or directly at TattoosBySarahF@gmail.com.

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Sheila ♦ Scab Vendor

I’m Sheila. I moved to DC from NJ to go to art school in 2015. Ironically I’ve since dropped out to pursue my creative passions more freely, and find my respective place in the tattoo industry. I was lucky enough to help my friends Brian and Sarah open this shop and even more lucky to be learning from them. I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought I’d be here. Life is weird like that.

I’ve always loved drawing. When I was 7 or so I’d draw Dragon Ball Z characters like it was my job. Cartoons really helped me learn how to make art fun and silly, but I’d also use it for ideas I had that were more emotionally driven. Currently I’ve been doing realistic portraiture in oil paint, but I’d eventually like to take those techniques and use them to make more surreal artwork, combining what I love about cartoons with the intense detail of realism. With tattooing in the mix, I’m very excited to see how my art will continue to develop  over time.

My general attitude is straightforward but fun and easygoing. On my off time, I watch a lot of Rick and Morty with my wife Lindsay, and our two cats.

See Sheila’s portfolio at forkspit.com, follow her on ig @fork_spit and fb @forkspit. Contact Sheila through the shop at ecstattoos@gmail.com, or directly at forkspit@gmail.com.

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