Remote Consultations

For custom work, we recommend messaging the artist you’d like to work with directly. Each artist is handling their own consultations and scheduling and all contact info can be found on our Contact page.

In order to avoid too much back-and-forth, please provide as much information about your tattoo as you can.

  • SUBJECT MATTER? What is your desired tattoo? What kind of imagery do you want to include? Please include any photos or references you have.
  • STYLE? What kind of style do you have in mind? If you’re not sure what to call it, feel free to send example pictures (even if they’re not the same subject matter) and specify what you like about them. Even pictures of things you don’t like can be helpful.
  • COLOR SCHEME? Do you want it to be in color? Any color preferences? Or will it be black & grey? Or just outlines?
  • SIZE? Approximately how large will your tattoo be? Please provide measurements in inches or centimeters – ‘small’, ‘medium’, and ‘large’ are relative and we won’t know what that means to you! We also can’t determine size based on a photo of a body part, as everyone comes in very different shapes and sizes.
  • LOCATION? Where is your tattoo going?
  • FONT? If you’re getting lettering, let us know what font you’d like to use. Check out for thousands of options.
  • OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION? Is it a cover up, are we working around another tattoo, are there any scars  or moles in the area you want tattooed, etc.?
  • BUDGET? Tattoos can be expensive due to the amount of work that goes into them, and we understand if you need to stay within a certain price range. There are different ways to design a tattoo to try to fit your budget, but we will be honest with you if your design & size expectations can’t match your price range.
  • CONTACT INFO? Please include your name & phone number so we can contact you once we have enough information to set up an appointment.

WHAT TO EXPECT NEXT? We may ask some follow up questions, or we may ask to speak with you in person, by video, or by phone, depending on the nature of the tattoo. We will give you a price estimate, and if you agree to the estimate, we’ll move forward with setting up an appointment, and you will put down a non-refundable deposit that will go toward the total cost of your tattoo.