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Update 11/15/20: We only take deposits through the shop! PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF WHO YOU SEND YOUR MONEY TO! We hate seeing people get ripped off!

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Please read our New Procedures for DC’s Phase Two for information on tattoo appointments & consultations. Piercing services and jewelry sales are temporarily suspended at this time.

Due to the high volume of email requests we are currently receiving, we recommend emailing the artist you’d like to work with directly, as you will get a response more quickly than messaging the general inbox. Please be patient when awaiting a response, as email consultations are more time consuming than in-person consultations. If you don’t receive a response within two weeks, your email may have been lost/overlooked, so please contact us again if you’re still interested in getting the tattoo.

Because we are working by appointment-only, we may not be available to answer the phone during our prior “regular” hours.

Thank you, and stay safe!

Electric Cat Scratch Tattoos





Mantis: We are not currently offering piercing services, but feel free to contact Mantis with any piercing-related questions.

Sheila: Sheila has moved to PA as of October and is no longer a resident artist, but you can still contact her with any questions or inquiries. She’ll be back to guest spot periodically!