Hours & Upcoming Closings

Regular hours:

Sunday: 1 – 8 PM-ish
Monday: 1 – 8 PM-ish
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 1 – 8 PM-ish
Friday: 1 – 8 PM-ish
Saturday: 1 – 8 PM-ish

(If the door is locked after 8pm but we’re still in, feel free to ring the doorbell!)

Upcoming holidays or other schedule changes:

November 25 – December ?
– Shop closed

WE ARE MOVING!!! Come to our Moving Flash Special on 11/23 right before we close for a couple weeks for the actual move! (Don’t worry, it’s VERY close!)

Please check back here during that time before heading in – we’ll keep everyone posted as to when we’re officially opening back up!