Happy Valentine’s Day – It’s Flash Me February again!

Now through the end of February, come in and get one of our 25 pieces of love-themed traditional flash, starting at $100.

Flash is up in the window – come by and check it out!

It’s that time again…

The Treat:

Get a Halloween-themed tattoo for up to 50% off during the month of October!

The Trick:

You don’t get to pick which one!


Last October, we drew up 60 Halloween and horror-themed pieces of flash – this year, we’ve added more! If you missed the game last year, here’s the deal:

During the entire month of October, come in, choose a size category (small, medium, or large), pay the set discounted price, pick a number from our pumpkin bucket, and then you get the tattoo with the corresponding number on the flash sheet. Prices start at only $50!

Not happy with fate’s first choice for you? Trade in your number for $20 to choose again. Don’t like to take risks? You can still get any of our Halloween flash at a discounted price without playing the game!

Flash sheets will be up in the shop starting October 1st!

April is over, and so our cherry blossom flash special has come to an end. We got to do so many of them, but nobody got the cockroach one! Oh, well. There’s always next year. At least I got to do a couple of the rats.

If you missed this one, follow us on ig @ecstattoos or fb @ecstattoos, or check back here soon for our next flash special!

Electric Cat Scratch Tattoos recently celebrated a birthday! The shop turned one year old on April 21st. We didn’t want to make a big thing out of it since 1-year-olds rarely remember their first birthday party, but we did have an unplanned gathering of just a few of our favorite people last night and said cheers! Thank you to Sheila, David, John, Chris, Julie, Warren, Jessica, and Ian for a super fun night, and to Julie for making amazing cupcakes! Thank you to all of our clients and friends and family for your support, referrals, patience, and encouragement this past year – we love you, and we couldn’t do it without you!

Happy 1st, ECS!

In celebration of cherry blossom season, we’re doing another flash special from March 22nd through the end of April! This one is all DC-themed pieces (the usual – cherry blossoms, DC flags, rats, cockroaches, etc.), starting at $50. Come by the shop to check them out!

Sheila is tattooing!

Sheila is currently doing $20 apprentice tattoos – primarily line work and solid black fill, and depending on the design, limited shading and color. She has a sketchbook at the front desk of available designs, some of which are also on her website, or she can draw something for you!

If you’re interested in being a part of Sheila’s learning process, please check out her portfolio at forkspit.com, and then come into the shop for a consultation so we can review your design and placement. No first timers, sorry! Because she’s in the early stages of learning, we need to be sure that anyone she’s practicing on already has experience getting and healing a tattoo, and is comfortable with a potentially less-than-perfect piece initially. We also ask that you be available to come back in in 2-3 weeks once the tattoo has healed so she can make any needed repairs. Being able to see how a tattoo has healed is immensely helpful in improving technique and consistency.


Flash Me February

Our Flash Me February special flew by! If you missed this one, check back soon for our next holiday special.


And now for the monster at the end of the post…

If you’ve been concerned by our absence at the bar, it’s because… We got a puppy! Nazgul is 4 months old and is already a dramatic, opinionated little butthead, just like our other dog. Please enjoy some photos of our adorable little monster.


What a year! This time last year, Brian and I were trying to decide what the hell to do with ourselves. We were both looking for a new spot and really wanted to work together. We got an offer in Texas and seriously considering relocating, but our hearts belong to DC, so we decided to try opening our own place instead.

Naming the shop was easy. In fact, we had the name long before we even considered opening a shop. We shared a room in the last studio we were in, so we had a running list of silly band names written on a scrap of paper – basically, anytime somebody said a phrase that we thought would make a good band name, one of us would yell BAND NAME and write it down – it featured such gems as Wormurderer, Premeditated Shart, Involuntary Jazz Hands, Guilt Boner, and Remote Controlled Fart Symphony. So one day, I was tattooing this girl, and her friend asked what it felt like. She said, “kind of like a cat scratch,” and the guy Brian was tattooing added, “but electric.” Brian and I both yelled BAND NAME, but then we were like, actually… that would be an amazing tattoo shop name. I wrote it down that day and it waited in my toolbox for a couple years.

When we set out to find a physical location though, we had a surprisingly difficult time. We found quite a few spaces that we loved and could afford, but as soon as we uttered the words “tattoo shop” we were immediately shut down. We even offered one landlord 6 months rent up front, which gave her some pause, but she ultimately turned us down anyway. We eventually found this spot and hit it off with the family-owned realty company that manages the property (thank you to Nomadic Real Estate for giving us a chance and being awesome), and signed our lease mid-February. We worked our asses off for the next two and a half months and opened on April 21st. Our walls were pretty bare, and it took some time to streamline things, but we were thrilled to be working for ourselves, and just hoped that we’d have work. As it turned out, the location worked very much in our favor, the neighborhood seemed happy to have us, and there was no shortage of clients right from the beginning.

We can’t believe it’s been 8 months already, and we look forward to many more years (hopefully in this location)! Please enjoy some photos from this past year:

Shop build-out:

Shirts, stickers, and cards:

A few selections from our joke board:

LeDroit Park Block Party:

Sheila and Lindsay’s wedding:

Halloween events:

Career Day at Quander Road School:

Sheila making progress in her apprenticeship:

We did lots of tattoos!

And had tons of fun!