Consultations & Pricing

The best and quickest way to do a consultation or get an estimate is in person. There are a lot of different factors that can affect how long a tattoo will take.  We can more quickly and accurately determine approximate cost and time if we’re able to speak with you in person and make sure we clearly understand all aspects of your design.  It is not necessary to schedule a consultation, but if you’d like to speak with a specific artist, it’s best to call on the day you’d like to come in to make sure they are in the shop that day.

We can do limited consultations by email. Please provide as much information about your tattoo as you can in your email. Approximately how large will your tattoo be? (Please provide measurements in inches or centimeters – ‘medium’, ‘not too big’, and ‘about the length of my cat’s tail’ aren’t really helpful units of measurement!)  On what body part will your tattoo be going? Color or black & grey? Style? Any other relevant information? Please include any photos or references you have. We may recommend coming in for a consultation if we feel that we need more clarification before we are able to give you a useful time & price estimate. We try to answer emails as quickly as possible, but please be patient if we are unable to respond right away.

We are unfortunately unable to give estimates over the phone.

For most tattoos, we will be able to give you a flat estimate.  For very large or multiple-session pieces where it is more difficult to determine how long we’ll need, we have an hourly rate and will be able to give you an approximate number of hours needed for your tattoo.