Tattoo FAQ: Appointments, etc.

We are continuing to work primarily by appointment. Appointments can be made directly with the artist (see Contact page). Please include all relevant info when messaging about an appointment (see Remote Consultations if you’re unsure what to include).

We’re a small shop, so please be patient while awaiting a response. If you don’t receive a response within 30 days, feel free to resend your message if you’re still interested in getting tattooed. Please also understand that we’re not able to take on every request – we’re not trying to ignore anyone, but we can only fit so many things in a day!

We occasionally have walk in time if we have a last minute cancellation or reschedule. If you are interested in a walk in or same-day appointment, please email early in the day with your contact info and relevant tattoo info, and we’ll call you if any time opens up.

We prefer to be contacted by email/message (see Contact). We do not have a full time receptionist, so we’re not able to catch every phone call. If you have a time-sensitive issue such as rescheduling an existing appointment or aftercare questions, we do respond to those messages as quickly as possible.

We will no longer be requiring clients to wear masks. DC is over 95% vaccinated, with over 70% boosted, so mask and vaccination requirements have been lifted as of March. You are absolutely welcome to continue to wear one if you prefer.

Still no piercing, guys, sorry.

Lastly, just want to thank you all again (and again, and again) for supporting us through covid, and enabling us to continue to do what we love. You have been flexible, understanding, and kind. And weird – you guys got weird over covid, and I’m fucking here for it. Y’all took “be yourself” to a whole new level, and I’ve done some of the most fun tattoos of my career during these challenging times. We appreciate every single one of you.