October Flash Special

It’s that time again…

The Treat:

Get a Halloween-themed tattoo for up to 50% off during the month of October!

The Trick:

You don’t get to pick which one!

We drew over 70 pieces of Halloween and horror-themed pieces of flash for our annual Trick-or-Treat game! During the entire month of October, come in, choose a size category (small, medium, or large), pay the set discounted price, pick a number from our pumpkin bucket, and then you get the tattoo with the corresponding number on the flash sheet. Prices start at $50!

Not happy with fate’s first choice for you? Trade in your number for $20 to choose again. Don’t like to take risks? You can still get any of our Halloween flash at a discounted price without playing the game!

Flash sheets will be up in the shop for all of October!